Barbara Galińska

Barbara Galińska is a calligrapher and typographer from Poland. All her work is obviously done by hand, without the use of a computer.

Galińska is an architect by education, she worked as a book illustrator, designer, graphic artist and creator of animated films. Photography was her great passion; now it is calligraphy which has become her profession.


Her works encompasses all types of writing – from uncial, through many types of black letters, through copperplate, to modern calligraphy.

She writes, draws and paints on everything and everywhere – invitations, diplomas, love letters, labels, advertisements, windows, walls, furniture, people and even in the sand. It creates unusual ambigrams and calligrams.

She also conducts workshops and demonstrations of various forms of calligraphy. She is most interested in the variety of ways to write, draw or paint letters; uses many different tools (even a comb and a carrot).

She is the founder of the Warsaw House of Calligraphy association, which promotes beautiful writing at events and calligraphy meetings not only in Poland.

Her calligraphy works have been presented at exhibitions in Poland, USA, France, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, India, Mexico and Romania.