Blake Ward

Artist Bio

Blake Ward was born in northern Canada. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors in 1979 from the University of Alberta.  In 1985 Blake moved to Paris to study traditional techniques of modeling figurative sculpture, and opened his current studio in Monte Carlo in 1990.

While teaching at the University of Hanoi in 2003, Blake witnessed the devastation left behind by landmines and remnants of war.  This resulted in his series of “de-constructed” figures entitled “Fragments”, which since 2007, has been raising funds for landmine clearance.  The activist within then moved onto a political series, the “ReThink” collection; an amalgamation of graffitied figurative sculpture, and performance art that comments on human rights, and freedoms.

In a renewed relationship to the human form, “The Spirits” have crossed over into the abstract and ethereal realms of consciousness and the landscape of an inner world. This series of abstracted partial figures, materializing before us alludes to the mystery within us, and has recently expanded to include a digitally created, 3D printed, series of sculpture, know as the Andromeda Collection.

Since 2013 Blake has worked together with his wife Boky Hackel and all bronze sculptures are signed by both artists. On the new digital work Boky provides essential aesthetic direction.

Blake’s work has been exhibited in France, Italy, Germany, England, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, the United States and Canada.