Cristina Palapa (Aug. 2021)

Artist Bio

Cristina Palapa Barragán is a self-taught Mexican artist. Since she was a child her path in art began, at a basic level of course. She was fascinated by the feeling of creating from “nothing” and achieving a similar result to what her eyes saw.

In her adolescence she managed to appreciate art beyond aesthetics, and used it as a means to relieve the pain of a mourning, her perspective was expanded and she also experienced it as a means of expression and communication, as an emotional language that allowed her to feel listened to and relieved. It was at this stage that she had the opportunity to take drawing, painting and sculpture workshops, so she learned to handle different materials such as graphite, charcoal, pastels, acrylic, oil and clay.

She studied Bachelor and Master’s in psychology. During this period, she designed and implemented an artistic creativity workshop for children with outstanding abilities. After a couple of years, she returned to the arts as a full-time profession and continued her instruction through courses, workshops and specialized diplomas in hyper-realistic drawing and painting, as well as some techniques of baroque painting.

From then on, she went from reproducing works to elaborating hers, with which she has participated in group exhibitions in different Houses and Cultural Centers of Mexico City and in the Artistic Teaching Section of the INBA. In addition to that she has taught classes at the Casa del Lago Juan José Arreola of UNAM, and she is developing a project to study and promote artistic creativity.

Cristina Palapa