Dana Pruner

Artist Bio

Hi there, I am Dana. I am from the pacific northwest and I am a mother of 2 little girls, a wife to an amazing hard working man and dog/cat mom to two cute fuzzy babies. I am so thankful they are all so patient with my constant art projects all around our home. Someday I hope to have my own art space to make messes and create in. I am so thankful for the art community and the new friends I have made. 

I have always loved being creative and making art but in my adult years I had less and less time for it. I spent more than four years of my life with declining health and I found that art could bring me peace without expending a lot of energy. During that time someone introduced me to the kindness rock movement. Having a brush in my hand again felt so good. It had been too long. 

I have been painting more and working on my technique for about two years now. Recently, I’ve been painting on agates, rare stones and crystals. I hope to continue making beautiful pieces of art, both for commissioned keepsakes and to hide throughout my community,  spreading love and joy for all. Thankful for everyday on this earth and I look forward to a bright future full of rocks and lots of paint.