Daniel Gomez

Artist Bio

My name is Daniel Gomez and I am a passionate landscape and time-lapse photographer based out of Portland, Oregon. I fell in love with Oregon as soon as I set foot in it and have made it a goal to see every inch of its beauty!  It all began with taking pictures while hiking and then the hikes became about the photos, and now I spend most summer nights photographing the milky way while the rest of the world rests.

I’d have to say my favorite thing to photograph would be the night sky as every night it is different and there’s just something magical about the quiet dark nights under the stars.  At night I enjoy photographing the milky way and planning for its alignment with the subjects I use in my photos.  In addition to taking photos I teach lessons on how to take and edit your own photos of the day and night as well as sell prints and calendars of my photography.

I’m not sure I could ever leave the Beaver State as it is so diverse in its different ecosystems.  I’m both 2 hours away from the vast Oregon Coast as well as the High Desert Plains of Oregon.  In between those two sits the lush and forested Columbia River Gorge and towering Mt. Hood allowing me to photograph beautiful sea stacks, a mountain, lush waterfalls, and rolling sage brush covered hills all in a single day should I dare to drive that much!  With that all so close to home I often don’t find myself wanderlust to get out of the state as I can find inspiration nearby.  I hope you enjoy my work and you can find more of it at: