Fredrik Magnusson

Artist Bio

My name is Fredrik Magnusson… I’m 45 years old, living in Umeå, Sweden. I’ve always been impressed by talented photographers, but never really given it a try myself. Through my whole adult life I have been working with seafood, but recently realized that beer in any form is what I really want to work with. No matter if it’s through photography, sales, arranging events or travel.

Craft beer has been an interest for many years, and after joining Instagram in April 2019 I discovered product photography. In late 2019 I dug up my old Canon EOS 600D and started to try shooting photos that aren’t just the regular mobile shot on the kitchen table. The beer community on Instagram is amazing, and everyone there who has inspired me with photos, have been so helpful with tips and ideas how to improve my skills. Basically my Instagram page is a record of my journey as a photographer, complete with my first not so good photos to the recent stuff that actually isn’t too bad.

I constantly try to learn new techniques, both with the camera, props and Photoshop.

My inspiration comes from different directions. Sometimes it’s the can art (Paying the price for my smooth ride), sometimes the beer name (Death by disco, Neapolitan Ice cream, Vigrum Mosaik), and sometimes I just try to shoot a clean photo playing with light and colors (RÅÅ and Terminus)

I put a lot of work into finding props that can lift the image, or help tell a story. (Solarn (which is Swedish for The Sunbather))

My dream is to have fun and work with what I love, which obviously is beer, meeting new people and try to take as good photos as I possibly can…

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