Javier Romero (July 2021)

Artist Bio

Im Javier Romero Villalobos from Mexico city. I was born in 1983 and always loved to draw. It’s just something I normally do when i’m sitting down, at school, university, the office, or in my house. I studied Industrial design and then worked designing for factories, even toys! then somehow I jumped to make website, that gave me some money and the opportunity of traveling a lot.

Then I jumped to Time-lapse videos. I’ve being doing professional time-lapsing now for more than 10 year, filmed 10 constructions so far. In general I worked a lot on video. But my true love has always being animation. I started coming close and staying for now in that world. Theres nothing more rewarding to me to see images, drawn, come to life. I hope I’ll join more animated movies ventures and eventually get the money to make my first animated short film.

The way we metaphor life on images, either moving or still is the best communication resource we have for the learning hard stuff in life. Now I’m taking the time, during the 2020 pandemic to draw, and to really say something in the things we put on paper. Perhaps is the hardest part.

I wanted to start selling physical art because I feel we are trapped in a like machine. And all those ultra grat digital paintings around will be erased from time if not physically reproduced.