Jimena Castillejos

Artist Bio

Jimena Castillejos is 25-year-old artist who just graduated architecture school. She always looks for a way of placing her signature on everything she makes by creating her own style.

Her art seeks the organic movement that every being reflects.

We are all formed by many different and unique pieces that, in the end, makes us who we are, as a whole. Just like a puzzle.

She intends to bring life to her illustrations by exploring the movement that the union of all the pieces show. What stays still, is dead; movement means change and change shows life.

Since a young age, she’s always been fond of making unique gifts for her family and friends and has always applied the same concept that now guides her entire artwork: movement.

During the COVID-19 pandemic events, she has found the time and motivation to explore and develop her passion and is glad to share her results with the world.