Kirby Nye

Artist Bio

Hello! My name is Kirby Nye and I’m a 23 year old artist in London. Having been a digital illustrator with aspirations to work as a concept artist in the game industry for most of my life, over the last year I completely reinvented myself and realigned my vision after feeling unsatisfied with the work I was making. I realized that this goal no longer made me excited, and that there was a totally different kind of artwork I wanted to create. 

I had no experience in traditional painting as I had devoted myself entirely to learning digital art softwares. Picking up a paintbrush for the first time was terrifying and I avoided it for so long! But at the start of this year I decided I wanted to learn how to paint. Using what I had learned digitally I transferred that knowledge and created work in acrylic and gouache, and finally settled on the medium I loved the most – oils. 

It felt a lot like digital painting, off of the screen and onto a canvas. The buttery consistency and malleability of oil paint made me completely fall in love with it. I started with artworks of foods and cute “bite size” paintings on 6×6 primed paper until I moved into larger canvases. 

Since I reevaluate my creative goals, and listened more to what my artistic self truly wanted, and truly wanted to create, I have felt a great happiness and freedom, and the satisfaction of expressing myself. Opening myself to new aesthetics and visual ideas has been challenging, but wholly rewarding.