Lakhima Shankar Khan

Artist Bio

My name is Lakhima Shankar Khan. I am 23 year old, part of LG(B)TQIA, jiggling between post grad and having a life. I am a hobby artist, discovering myself through fine liner pens and watercolors. My art form is very fluid. I don’t have a fixed style, though I enjoy making mandala, line art and watercolor landscape a lot. Most of my art is a protest in itself. When I paint, I paint, how I see the world and how I can help. I see myself as an activist with an artist soul. I am also an amateur Shayar (Hindi/ Urdu poet). My other hobbies include collecting art supplies, keeping vast music collection, playing golf and swimming.

About why I paint or what made me put my work on a public platform?

Well, to be honest, pandemic made me revisit my old self the one I left behind while I engrossed myself in numbers and scores. I thought to myself, why don’t I seek a community that will truly understand me. And that’s how my art page came into being.

What inspired me as an artist?

I have always believed there is never a Single source of inspiration, because inspirations are usually very multidimensional. So mine has a trigger point, anything that calms my mind, make me wonder why, bring out my emotions or leaves me agitated becomes my inspiration.

I don’t know if I have a typical artist approach or not, but what I do is my kind of art and I believe in them.