Leslye Long

Artist Bio

Leslye Long is an acrylic painter, African American redefining how she sees creativity and personal identity through color, imagery, writings and design. As a graduate of Columbia College Chicago and humble servant to the public, her works are designed with the concept that creativity is a wave, like sound: “When people say – think outside the box- that concept of thinking is limited.

Creativity is a sound with no boundaries and travels as freely as the barriers you set for it.” Leslye’s works are designed to encourage the Restoration of Purpose: the plotting of where our society can be returned to, it is original intent in which it was designed, when we are self-aware. Her creations are an acknowledgement of her own inferiority in self-reliance during the creativity process and life in the shadow of the Creators vastness.

The colors and imagery in her work demonstrate value through the acknowledgment of God and he trust in him. The depth of the work delves into the sacred catacombs of her heart and subconscious exploring the dark emotions and lies once chosen by many. It is there where many have made oaths and vows of what we will never do again or allow to happen to us or vow that will never be us.

Each painting softly or abruptly challenges us to start our quest to save ourselves. A visual salvation in color and design, an invitation to the viewer to explore self-awareness, ethnicity, culture, spirituality, rediscovery of self-worth, peace, injustice, and solitude through insistent visual statements.