Max & Rém

Artist Bio

What is your name, your age, where do you live and what do you do?

My name is Rémy, I am 40 and I have a little boy called Max, he is almost 3 years old.

We live near Paris, France, and I am a tourist guide (when there is no lockdown 😉 in Paris )

We started playing Lego at the beginning of the first lockdown in France, on March 17th, 2020. We used to live in a very small 2 bedroom apartment with my little boy and my girlfriend, and had the right to go out only 1 hour a day (like everybody in our country), which is very few for small kids.

Although situation was not easy for us, we wanted to make sure that Max did not suffer from the consequences of the pandemia (the general atmosphere of anguish, the fears towards kids, the closed merry-go-round, closed library, closed children’s games in the park). He is too small to understand the grown up’s world, he deserves to be happy.

My little boy had received some Lego Duplo for its baptism ceremony, so we already had a few Lego pieces at home.

To make fun during the long days at home, I started to build small animals with Lego Duplo, take pictures of them with my little boy, and send them to the family and friends.

Day by day, I made the Lego Duplo animals more sophisticated, and more realistic.

I realized that Lego Duplo is strong enough to be built with only 2 dimensions, (like a wall of bricks lego). no need to make it thick.

This way, as we had only a few pieces at home, I could build quite big things with only a few pieces.

At that time, Lego shops were closed, so I could not buy new sets. I studied the best way to take advantage of the pieces I had. Finally I found some second hands pieces close to my home, and could build better things (like birds, snail, etc.)

After several month of playing for fun, people around us adviced us to share the Lego pictures trough Instagram. And we did it.

What is great about our Lego adventures is that it started with a difficult situation, and finally it made all of us happy, it brought us joy and helped us go through this time with happiness. 

I just use a picture to check the dimensions and proportions of things. I find a good picture on the web and that’s enough. 

What inspired you to build your model?

Funny things, common life tools, funny buildings (Flatiron Building, Leaning tower of Pisa etc.)

How long did it take you to build and design your model?  And how many pieces does it have?

It can take from 1 to 4 hours. I rarely spend more than 1 hour in a row with Lego. Currently I do it in the evening (there is a lock down starting from 18:00)

Any anecdotal during the construction of your model?

As I build a lot 2 dimensions Lego, it is very fragile, collapses a lot during the building. Sometimes the Lego particular noise is so strong that it scares everybody in the appartment! + I am disapointed…

Also, we got some orders from friends or followers on Instagram. Some people asked us to build a pangolin, an Iguana, a shark, a Boston terrier dog, the netherlands flowers and mills, a lot of funny things! 

Do you recommend collecting LEGO®?  And because?

Oh yes ! Because it teaches patience, beauty, the sense of equilibrium. It is very rewarding, you can modify the building and make it better as much as you want

Small kids, even 2 years old can start playing with duplo, and build little things.

Lego Duplo (Duplo in particular) is an excellent tool (compared with smaller lego types) : it can be played with parents and kids together. Also, it is easier to build bulky large and spectacular creations in a few time, like big towers etc, to impress kids and grown ups.

Inspired by Robert Indiana