Patricia Hume (Feb. 2021)

Artist Bio

Patricia Hume lives and works in Williamstown, MA. Her self expression through the arts has been a lifelong passion. As she matured into her 30’s, her love for abstract expressionism and collages became a focus point as she created her own portfolio as an artist. From colorful acrylic paints to tiny magazine clippings and imagery, the materials she uses pulls together an arrangement of deep and vibrant tones. Her art is meant to catch your eye and cause a moment or two of reflection. Through this process, she hopes the eye of the beholder finds a connection, along with a personal interpretation of her art. One that leaves a profound and glowing impression.

Art Statement

I believe there are 3 universal languages. The first one being love. The second one being music. But the third, I hold close to who I am and that is visual art. Art can provoke and unite the strongest and weakest of souls. Through color and imagery, one’s outlook of the world could be awakened and transformed. The power of creation is one that has evolved since the universe bursted open. It is in the deepest of our beings to create. Creation is a dance of intent, expressioning emotions and thoughts. Through this process of creating art, I find passion, purpose and happiness.