Smoking Joe (May 2021)

Artist Bio

Perry’s stylistic approach deviates from tangible figures or structured narratives in favor of a purely visual and sensory experience. A saturated focus on vivid, often hypnotic tones, repeating geometric forms, variegated patterns and symmetry form a template for his works.

Although these pieces may elicit a feeling of impulsiveness and playfulness, Perry’s use of design is not haphazard but rather, intuitive – employed with precision skill and calculation, with care that the austerity is tempered with intimacy. The inevitable re-observation of these works reveals this exacting intensity. The deep layering of colors and striking gradients that embody Perry’s works reflect his grasp of the various media used in his creative process – a synthesis of oils, enamel, acrylic, ink and resin coalesce to form the lustrous gloss and radiant hues characteristic of Perry’s work.

An unexpected selection of exotic wood frames and metallic embellishments lend a sense of completeness to the finished works. A handcrafted, organic complement to each piece’s vibrant, structural ensemble.