Sylvie Pouilliaux Bridelance

Artist Bio

My name is Sylvie Pouilliaux Bridelance. As I often go for hikes in the nature and love to travel, I wanted to keep vibrant memories of those unique experiences. I found in photography the perfect way to capture the moment and keep alive the beauty of the nature and the world. Contrary to what one might think, photography is not about capturing a pale copy of a nice moment or a beautiful landscape; it is about showing our own vision of the world. I see photography as a way to share with people the beauty of the world from my perspective.

Furthermore, as I also make mosaic art, I wanted to take pictures of beautiful pieces during my trips. The unique designs of the natural elements are another inspiration for my pieces of mosaic, so I needed to capture them.

Moreover, I enjoy going to photography exhibitions. Each time I am fascinated by the way photographers show us the world in a unique perspective. It has inspired me to start photography in a more artistic way, and not only to keep memories.

Photography is about painting with light. The different settings and filters are like a brush to paint the way I see the world. I especially like to work with the long exposure, the result reminds me the style of the impressionist movement. I also enjoy taking pictures in black and white, because I really appreciate the work of Robert Doisneau.  

Through my photos, I aim at sharing my dreams.