Artist Bio


I grew up in Hungary on the border of a little town just next to the river Danube. I spent my childhood drawing horses and the beautiful nature which was surrounding me.

When I turned 18 I moved to Budapest to study economics and later design. In my twenties I was on a mission to travel as much as possible to discover the beauties the globe can offer and to train my eyes seeing different colors and cultures.

After I visited more than 30 countries I started to feel a strong need to express all the magnificent aestethics my eyes were lucky enough to capture. I often caught myself being lost in my memories during the day and when I went to sleep it just continued. In my dreams I was going back to my favorite places again and again. I knew I had to do something with this obsession otherwise my brain would go crazy. I was almost itching.

In design school we were working a lot with pencil, aquarelle, pastell, guache and acryl but this time I wanted to do something different.

Something more noble.

This was this the point when I went to buy my first canvas. I thought I’m making the piece for my own walls. Luckily I was wrong.


“I still remember the day 5 years ago when I was working as an interior architect and a client somehow brought up art while we were discussing floor plans. I mentioned her that I started a new hobby and I’ve just finished my very first oil painting. She asked for a photo.

After taking a quick look at the artwork she immediately said she wants to buy it. I was astonished.

Since I liked the piece a lot, to make final the decision to sell was taking weeks long.

When I was walking to her house with the canvas in my hands I was sure this is just a joke, so I valued the 50cm by 70cm piece to 1200€. For this amount of money she is not going to take it for sure – I thought.

You can imagine how shocked I was when the lady didn’t seem surprised at all hearing the price. She asked me kindly to leave the painting there for 2 days to make her art dealer check it out. Exactly 48 hours later the client called me to ask for my bank account number.”

In the last 5 years I sold everything I wanted to sell without any art dealer, exhibition, publication or gallery involved.

The process was organic and also was international. Last year my paintings sold between 1600 and 4500€.


I strictly paint with oil by using simple brushstrokes to create multiple layers of different blacks and different whites within one canvas. These hidden stories are providing a playground to the viewer making them able to find something new in my paintings even years after purchase.

When I add colors it’s all about finding a sophisticated harmony with visual weights even on those pieces which look harsh at the first glance.

I believe in slow process and spending loads of time with the artwork before letting it go. Usually it takes 3-9 months for me to feel the canvas is complete and ready to converse with it’s future owner.

Based on personal history, beliefs and current mood every individual experiences my paintings differently and feels differently while looking at them.


“I fell in love with Florida architecture when I first visited the States at the age 19.

My ultimate favorite aesthetic is the 80’s Miami tropical deco vibe. Those were the times when the magnificently designed and colored buildings from almost hundred years ago got a comforting new blood flow.

Ice-cream colors came to accessorize the world making Florida a complete setting with the interiors, the palm trees and that super optimism which took over 80’s kids aesthetics for life.

Traveling the Caribbean you can still find entire islands stuck in this era.

Barbados and Grenada, you are real time capsules. I’m grateful to you for making me able to enter my personal utopia every single time I visited you.”

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