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Lakhima Shankar Khan

Lakhima is a hobby artist, discovering herself through fine liner pens and watercolors. Her art form is very fluid. She believes that most of her art is a protest in itself and when she paints, she paints how she sees the world and how she can help. Check out more soon…

Christian Cederfrost

Christian was born and raised in Sweden. Christian strives to offer the viewer an opportunity to create their own story and meaning vs. trying to push a story of his own on you. Check out more…

Fredrik Magnusson

Fredrik gets his inspiration from the world around him. He loves to learn and expand on his photography as he continues to explore new concepts. His goal is to have fun and work with what he loves… beer!

Inspired by Robert Indiana

Andrés Alfonso 

Andrés Alfonso is a beloved Her Blaze Artist who is adding to his portfolio of tremendous realism art.

His work consists of anywhere from days to years of work. His consistent ability to make each piece as captivating as the last is something that is truly undervalued. Check out more of Andrés…

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