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Ai Candy by Aileen Joy
Aileen Joy was born in Alaska. Her passion for art guided her into the field of Graphic Design, so she relocated to Washington where she attended college. She has illustrated, written and self published 2 books available on Amazon, a children’s book called Miracle and 16+ book called Bring it Back to Simple; Art, Thoughts & Poems Vol 1…

Anna Chan New York based jewelry designer, Anna Chan, started creating bas – relief sculptures with sand and seashells during Covid lockdown when the beach was her only reprieve. As a means to channel her unsettled energy, Anna drew on her 25 years of experience approaching sand sculpting with the same precision and aesthetics as she would crafting a piece of fine jewelry.

Dhruvil Bhayani I’m a freelance photographer from India who shoots fashion and portraiture. I decided to broaden my skill set and learn 3D softwares so I can make my own world in the 3D workspace. I implemented my knowledge of photography into 3D which helped me to make my work visually pleasing in terms of lighting and composition, and now I’m making these renders almost every other day. 

Kirsten Holt Beitler Kirsten Holt Beitler is an artist, teacher, florist, writer, and single mom of four boys, not necessarily in that order, depending on the day. Kirsten is a Southern Utah native who has been drawing and painting since childhood. She received a Bachelor’s in Illustration from SUU.

Kristin Frost Kristin Frost is a visual artist and art professor living in Bothell, Washington. Frost creates drawings, paintings, and mixed media collages that reveal a connection to the landscape, nature, and memory. She has exhibited her work widely around the west coast in both solo and group shows. Currently, Frost teaches drawing, painting, and mixed media classes at Gage Academy in Seattle and DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond.

Ruhkia Ruhkia is a realist artist living in London, who works with oil paints, African fabrics and, occasionally, gold leaf. Her work seeks to coax a deeper connection between humans and nature through artistic exploration. The subjects are poised upon the canvas surrounded by various tropical plants and gold, resulting in the portrayal of the silent but ethereal power of the natural earth.

Shari Michaud I paint. I work in clay as well. I don’t have an agenda, goal, or purpose besides maybe finding one. Right now, I’m intent on being OK creating what I’m inspired to create, and not I what I think I should be creating. SO – smiling, eye-rolling and figuring are all worthy outcomes. I’ve been staying small in 2020 sticking with simple shapes and biding time with all the silliness.

Sylvie Pouilliaux Bridelance A current Her Blaze Artist known for her mosaic abilities! She is showing her brilliant range of talent and adding her photography to her gallery! Check out more of her art…

Patrcia Hume Last but CERTAINLY not least, another Her Blaze Artist. Patricia has a deep connection to her art as well as her heritage and culture. She is a story teller and a master of color! Check out more of her art…

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